General Information


The 2023 Scott Robertson Memorial is open to amateur golfers in two divisions ages 15-18 and ages 14 and under.  Applicants who reach their 19th birthday on or before May 21, 2023, or have entered college are not eligible.  U.S. applicants must have an up-to-date USGA handicap index not exceeding 6.4 for boys 15-18; 11.4 for boys 14 and under, and 16.4 for girls.  The Entries Committee holds the right to refuse any application.  All application decisions of the Entries Committee are final.



Both Boys and Girls applicants will be accepted into the tournament field this year based on established Entrance Criteria. Click for the complete list of entrance criteria.

Those who do not meet any entrance criteria must apply using a qualifier application. Due to our limted field sizes, you may only apply to one qualifier.

April 29th (Please note change of date from April 22nd) – Roanoke Country Club Qualifier Application

April 29th – Quail Creek Country Club, Naples, FL Qualifier Application  

May 17th – Roanoke Country Club Qualifier Application

Those meeting one or more entrance criteria should apply using a Tournament application.**

**Please note: Meeting an entrance criteria does not necessarily guarantee an applicant entry into the tournament field, due to our limited field sizes. We will start filling the field with Category 1, then 2, then 3, etc. until the field is at capacity.  All tournament applicants are offered the opportunity to participate in one of our qualifiers if they are not accepted into the field. You can indicate your desire to play in a qualifier, and choice of location and date, on the tournament application. We will automatically roll you into the qualifier of your choice, if needed.  You do not have to fill out a separate qualifier application to ensure a spot in a qualifier.

Entry Procedure

Complete the correct application, which can be found on our website and submit the appropriate entry fee.  Entry fee will be submitted through Pay Pal.

Your application and proper entry fee must be received by March 28, 2023.   Applications that are late, incomplete, sent to or dropped off to any other address will not be accepted.  Payments will be processed at the time they are received; this does not mean that the applicant has been accepted into the tournament/qualifier field, applicant will be notified by the SRM office following the deadline of their status. Charges for your entry fee will show on your statement as: SRM/TFT-RV.  

*Please note that tournament entry fee service charges will not be refunded if an incorrect application is submitted.

$320 Tournament Entry fee includes: 1 practice round, 3 tournament rounds (only 2 for participants that miss the cut on Sat.), practice area, lunches for players (Fri., Sat., & Sun.), suppers for players (Fri. & Sat.,) players gift package, long drive contest and gift cards and trophies for top finishers.

$110 Qualifier Entry fee includes: 1 practice round, 1 tournament round, player gift and use of practice areas.

Qualifying Information

In the event that an applicant does not meet any of the entrance criteria (listed on our website) or the applicant’s entrance criteria category does not make the field due to the large number of applicants, they will be offered the opportunity to qualify into the tournament field.  Please note there is a separate qualifier application link.

Due to our limited spaces, applicants may only apply to one qualifier of their choice. 

There will be two qualifying round opportunities at Roanoke Country Club for the boy’s and girls 15-18 division only.  Qualifying round #1 will be held on Saturday April 29, 2023 (Please note the date change from April 22nd).  Qualifying round #2 will be held on Wednesday May 17, 2023 (Boys and Girls 15-18 only).  The May 17th qualifier option is new for the Girls 15-18 in 2023.

The Girls and boys 14 and under qualifier will only be held on Saturday April 29th. (Please note the date change from April 22nd.) Each Qualifier will be limited to the number of players in each division and will be filled on a first come first serve basis. (The field sizes are listed below.) More information, about each qualifier, will be available at the time of notification.

For the Roanoke qualifier, the Scott Robertson Memorial Entry Committee guarantees: 1 spot for every 14 qualifiers in the boy’s 15-18 division, 2 spots in the girl’s 15-18 division for the April 29th qualifier and 1 spot in the May 17th qualifier, and a minimum of 3 spots in the boys 14 and under division.

Should there be an interest and a suitable number of applicants for the girls 14 and under division, the Entries Committee may consider a qualifier for this division on April 29, 2023 (Please note the date change from the April 22nd).

For the Naples, FL at Quail Creek Country Club on Saturday April 29th, there will be 2 spots available for the Boys 15-18 division and 1 spot for the Girls 15-18 division.  There will also be a Boys 14 and under qualifier for 1 spot with a minimum field of 3 and maximum field of 9.

$110 Qualifier Entry fee includes: 1 practice round, 1 tournament round, player gift and use of practice areas. 

For the past several years, there has been a waitlist for many of our divisions in all qualifiers.  Once the qualifier fields have reached capacity, we will still accept applicants to be placed on a “waitlist”.  Historically, we have been able to accommodate those on the waitlist, although it may be last minute. If an applicant proceeds with the application and agrees to be placed on the waitlist, and they decline the spot when it becomes available, there will be a $35 service charge deducted from the original entry fee. (Please see our refund page for more information on our refund policies.)

**There is a possibility that an applicant could be listed as an alternate to the field. (No need to fill out a separate qualifier application.)  Once the applicant has participated in a qualifier, they will forfeit their status as an alternate to the field.

If you have declared that you will not attempt to qualify on the application and are not accepted into the tournament field, you will not be offered the chance to reconsider attempting to qualify after the entry deadline on March 28th, 2023. *Exceptions will be made for those in the Girls 14 and under division, should there be a qualifier for this division.

The U.S. Challenge Cup will hold a qualifier for New England resident, the date and further information will be available on their website

**Due to limited course availability/time restriction issues with both Quail Creek Country Club and Roanoke Country Club, we will need to limit the qualifier field sizes. A waiting list will be available for all divisions and qualifier locations and dates. Spots will be filled as they become available, on a “first come first serve” basis.

The field sizes will be limited to the following:
Quail Creek Country Club – Naples, FL – April 29th 
Boys 14 & Under division – 9 (1 qualifier)
Girls 15-18 division – 12 (1 qualifier) Currently Waitlist only
Boys 15-18 division – 23 (2 qualifier) Currently Waitlist only 

Roanoke Country Club – Roanoke, VA – April 29th (Please note the date change from April 22nd)
Boys 14 & Under division – 24 (Minimum of 3 qualifiers)
Girls 15-18 division – 24 (2 qualifiers) Currently Waitlist only
Boys 15-18 division – 69 (1 spot for every 14 qualifiers) Currently Waitlist only

Roanoke Country Club – Roanoke, VA – May 17th
Boys 15-18 division – 42 (1 spot for every 14 qualifiers) Currently Waitlist only                                                                                                                       Girls 15-18 division – 12 (1 qualifier)

Hope Valley Junior Invitational Qualifier

Those that qualify into the Scott Robertson Memorial tournament 15-18 year old fields, on April 29th, will also qualify for the 2023 Hope Valley Junior Invitation, at Hope Valley Country Club in Durham, NC, on August 1-3, 2023. This includes the qualifiers in the Boys 15-18 division and the top 2 in the Girls 15-18 division, at the April 22nd qualifier in Roanoke, VA.  (All ties for these divisions will be played off at the time of the qualifier.  Only the winner(s) of the play off will receive exemptions into the Hope Valley Junior Invitational.)



Applicants will be notified by the first week in April and the field will be posted on this website.


For complete information on our refund policy click here.

Travel & Transportation

After acceptance, for participants using air transportation, we suggest Roanoke/Blacksburg Regional Airport. The closest International Airports are Greensboro, NC (2 hours), Richmond, VA (3 hours), Charlotte, NC (3 hours) and Raleigh, NC (3 hours).   Do not make airline travel arrangements prior to confirmation of tournament acceptance, unless you qualify for one of the entrance criteria, categories 1-4, or you are planning to attend a qualifier; we receive more applications than the tournament fields can accommodate.  Information concerning hotel and ground transportation will be provided in the tournament acceptance letter and on our web site.

Host Families

Due to the current pandemic in our country, we will not offer host families this year.

Caddies/Golf Carts

Caddies are prohibited.  Players are allowed to use non-motorized pull/push carts. Golf carts for press, spectators or handicapped individuals are prohibited.  No Exceptions.  Assistance for handicapped individuals will be provided.

Dress Code

Denim is not allowed for players or spectators; in accordance to the Roanoke Country Club dress code.