Girls 15-18 Entrance Criteria

   2024 SRM 15-18 Girls Entrance Criteria

The 2024 SRM field will consist of approximately 35 players from the categories below, including tournament committee special exemptions (39 total including the 4 qualifier spots).  Spots will be filled by applicants from these categories in numerical order.  Once the field is full (accepting applicants in category 1 first, 2 next, and so on) applicants from lower categories will not gain entry unless earning a spot through one of the qualifying roundsOnly the oldest age divisions of the following tournaments are considered, finals only, no qualifiers/sectionals.


Category 1              ♦  Top 10 in the 2023 Scott Robertson Memorial

                                  ♦  Any previous Scott Robertson Memorial 15-18 champion.


Category 2              ♦  2023 AJGA 1st and 2nd team All-Americans

                                   ♦  2023 Wyndham Cup team members.

                                   ♦  2023 U.S./European Junior Solheim Cup team members.


Category 3              ♦  2023 U.S. Women’s Open qualifiers

                                   ♦  2023 USGA Women’s Amateur (round of 64)

                                   ♦  2023 USGA Girls Jr. (round of 32)

                                   ♦  Top 30 of the Golfweek or NJGS (Junior Golf Scoreboard) rankings as of the entry deadline                                           (March 27, 2024)


Category 4              ♦   Top 10 in the following tournaments:

    • 2024 Junior Invitational at Sage Valley
    • 2023 AJGA Rolex Tournament of Champions
    • 2023 AJGA Invitational presented by PING
    • 2024 AJGA Hilton Grand Vacations ANNIKA Invitational presented by Rolex
    • 2024 Dustin Johnson World Junior
    • 2023 AJGA Rolex Girls Championship
    • 2024 AJGA Fortinet Girls Invitational at Stanford
    • 2023 AJGA Girls Invitational
    • 2023 AJGA Ping Heather Farr Classic
    • 2023 Dye Junior
    • 2024 Kathy Whitworth Invitational
    • 2023 Joanne Winter Arizona Silver Belle Championship (Overall results)


Category 5            ♦    Top 10 in the following tournaments: 

  • 2023 Elite Invitational
  • 2023 Junior Girls PGA Championship
  • 2024 Junior Orange Bowl
  • 2023 IMG Academy Junior World Golf Championships


Category 6          ♦  11th – 20th places in the 2023 Scott Robertson Memorial

                              ♦    2023 USGA Girls Jr. (round of 64)


Category 7           ♦   Top 5 in the following tournaments:

  • 2024 Sea Pines Junior
  • 2023 PKBGT Invitational at Bermuda Run (Bell Nation Only)
  • 2023 Junior Girls North & South
  • 2023 Bubba Conlee Invitational
  • 2023 The First Tee Miami Doral Junior Classic
  • 2023 Hope Valley Junior Invitational


Category 8              ♦  31-60 of the Golfweek or NJGS (Junior Golf Scoreboard) rankings as of the entry                                                               deadline (March 27, 2024)

                                  ♦ 11th – 20th places in all tournaments listed in category 4


Category 9              ♦   2023 AJGA All American Honorable Mention

                                  ♦  11th – 20th places in all tournaments listed in category 5


Category 10            ♦ 61-150 of the Golfweek or NJGS (Junior Golf Scoreboard) rankings as of the entry                                                            deadline (March 27, 2024)



A. The entry committee reserves the right to exempt & accept additional players

that do not meet the specified criteria.

B. Anyone not in the top 35 of the listed entrance criteria can still gain entry through one of  three 18 hole qualifiers:

♦ April 27th – Naples, FL (1 spot available) *Maximum field size 12

♦ April 27th – Roanoke, VA (2 spots available) *Maximum field size 24

♦ May 15th – Roanoke, VA (I spot available) *Maximum field size 12

*Each player is allowed only one qualifying attempt.



Example: If 33 players apply from the first 7 categories, all of those applicants will be accepted (this includes any special exemptions granted by the entry committee).  If eight other players have applied from category 8, then the first two of those will be accepted (based on the order of the criteria) to reach 35 total.  The six other players in category 8 not chosen and the remaining players that meet the lower criteria will be ranked in order by the committee as alternates and will then only earn entry through a qualifier, or if their alternate spot is needed.  The four spots being held for the qualifiers will bring the field to a total of 39 players.  The field size may be reduced if the number of applicants from the nine categories is less than 35 (in that case, the entry committee reserves the right to fill out the field with players not meeting any of the entrance criteria, and will base selections on a review of player applications).  Each player’s position within each category is determined by the order of each tournament listed, and all ties will be broken based on the players ranking.


Note:   The SRM entry committee reviews the exemption criteria yearly and makes changes as necessary.

All entry committee decisions are final.